Corvette EV Officially In The Works  

Recently, a brand new Corvette EV has been officially announced. The vehicle is scheduled to come out sometime after 2023.

Corvette EV Details

The announcement says that this new Corvette will be an EV vehicle and that it will come out sometime after 2023. The Corvette EV is going to have the Ultium batteries from GM. Rumors say that it might be called the E-Ray.

People are also saying it could come after a hybrid vehicle with a high amount of horsepower. This vehicle is rumored to be on its way sometime in 2023. The idea is that the hybrid model with a gas engine would come out first, followed by the all-electric corvette model, which isn't named up to present.

A Corvette EV is going to have to have serious specs to compete with the current combustion model engines that are out now since vehicles like the 670 horsepower Z06 have a powerful V8 engine. Plus, the rumor is that the next hybrid model to come out could have a twin-turbo engine version with horsepower up near 1000. It's likely that news about both the hybrid and the EV Corvette should be coming out within the next few months.

Additional Speculation

As the new EV corvette could be coming out as late as 2025, not a lot is known about it yet. There is, however, a lot of speculation mixed with educated guesswork. For example, people think that the 2025 Chevy Corvette EV could be released as early as 2024. The option to pre-order it will likely first appear at dealerships.

The price is not known yet, but it is possible to compare it to other Corvette options, which means it will likely be on the high end due to Corvette being a luxury brand. The speculation is that it will have as many as 4 electric motors.

Information about both the EV and the Hybrid will be trickling out over time.

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